About us

Since 1949, we have been transforming unique concepts of advertising signage with passion and care for the smallest detail. We are market leaders in the development and application of corporate design in Romania and Europe, with a portfolio of renowned brands which image we have supported with our high quality products that have extended warranty!

The establishment of Neon & Sign in Romania originally came as a response to the need of Austrian group HAID Lichthaus’s clients, who expanded their business in the country in the times of globalization and the accession of Romania to the EU. The managers of the mother company, Helmut and Judith Haid, made this investment in Romania and brought modern technology and high-performance management, thus offering them quality products and services according to Western standards, and last but not least trust.

With the support of the group, we offer a competitive advantage to our customers as it allows us to keep up with technological developments and to bring a higher level of quality. At present, we are proud of a large factory equipped with professional machines, permanent material stock, our own logistics, a working platform over 1500sqm and qualified staff, consisting of a team of over 80 employees who work with dedication, cherishing the company values. The professionalism and dedication of our teams are the guarantee of success for the products and services we offer.

Plus, we like the constant challenges of this domain. Any creative project can become reality, no matter how complicated or demanding it is and we have built a reputation for doing so. We have our own research and development laboratory, where we test and develop new types of material, new design / implementation techniques and new constructive models of advertising materials.

Thus, we can offer everything a brand needs for visual promotion, from concept, design, consulting and complex technical fabrication to packaging, delivery and assembly in the shortest time possible – 3D LETTERS AND CONSTRUCTIONS, LIGHT PANELS AND BOXES, TOTEMS, EXHIBITION STANDS AND ARCHITECTURAL LIGHTING.
Neon & Sign Romania – Light, Symbol, Performance!



Our history began in 1949. That was the year when Max and Richard Haid made the first lighting advertisement in Innsbruck. After this success, the company Lichthaus HAID GmbH was founded in 1952 –

Following the success, the company headed for new directions, opening its first office in Munich in 1958. In that time, the company became international.
In 2004, the owners of Lichthaus HAID, Helmut Haid and Judith Aulitzky, together with Cristoph Peer, set the foundations for a new factory in Reghin, Mures.

The beginning of Neon & Sign Reghin.

In 2005 we started the construction for the first production hall and brought the first machines: 1 CNC flatbed 4x2m, 1 folding machine and 1 cutting machine.

In 2006, the company increased its number of employees and started to sell its products and services in Romania.

In 2012 we built a second production hall, where we installed a new painting room, according to the highest technical standards.

In 2017 we installed the second CNC machine in the production hall.

After 13 years of professional and emotional involvement, Cristoph Peer ended his activity. Following his example, Johannes Aulitzky joined the company to continue the success story of Neon & Sign, leading it to the next chapter.

In 2018 we had a successful start alongside our 87 employees!