If being visible has an important role and your texts should be used in varying forms, color and speed, we suggest you to try the LED information systems. Different executions make possible individual combinations like information tapes or even inscription panels.


LED displays

Multifunction LED displays belong to the most economical and efficient information media. You can guide your customers or advertise your products or services. The displays can be individually mounted or even integrated into panels.

It is delivered
Cassette in multiple colors or RGB.
Text / watch / wall temperature / video functions.

Very suitable for changing information and increased attention in advertising.

Effect on daytime
Legible information with various motion effects.

Effect at night
No effect at night, unless the panel is illuminated from the outside.

Orientation systems

Professionally designed guidance systems make orientation easier and identifying people, transport means, limitations and obstacles.
Guidance systems increase the user’s sense of security.

To guide, lead to the destination and for the orientation of your visitors and customers, you need clear and well-thought-out insights. To achieve this goal, we offer complete plate systems in different formats and from different materials and individual solutions to suit your needs.

Glass plates
Signaling systems
Individual plates
Inscriptions for parking
Road signs
Light displays
Conference hall inscriptions

Glass, synthetic material, metal, wood, foil.

Everywhere the guest / client needs or must reach. They must quickly and easily find what they are looking for.

Display - Sales Assistance

The displays help boost sales and convince the customer to buy spontaneously. These are also used in showcases as a presentation of the merchandise.
In order to increase buyer’s attention and display changing sales data, we produce display systems in different formats, such as wall information systems, vertical displays, information points, etc. Changing information can take place very quickly and easily, manually or digitally. In addition, these sales support mechanisms offer you the ability to place plexi bags for information flyers or sales records of different sizes. Within our substantial program, standard or individual displays are available. Of course, the displays will be engraved with your logo.

Synthetic material, wood, metal, noble stratification procedures, application of various lighting sources and lighting techniques, such as LEDs, etc.

Measures to stimulate sales at the point of sale, product presentation, support for image stimulation at the point of sale.


Smart Frame

Defined by special frames, these systems offer universality and the facility of quickly replacing the message (again and again) without qualified staff, with excellent results. The exposition of printed textile faces and with a silicone bell on multiple types of frames offers very lightweight construction and easy operation. Depending on LED lighting options, they can have multiple uses: decorative panels, light bodies, information panels, ceilings or decorative walls.


To represent and transpose your information around the building inside the building. Inscriptions with glass foil, banners, plates and inscriptions of all shapes and sizes, made of metal, glass or synthetic materials, display inscriptions, signs inscriptions for areas of historical or architectural value, all types of orientation systems, for doors, information or guidance.

Foliation offers countless interesting benefits:
First of all, it is the protective function that is guaranteed by using the foil.
Damage can be rectified very easily and at a lower price.
Foliation also offers a wide range of color and pattern capabilities, it brings an increase in value and, in conclusion, folding is in many cases an advantageous solution. With the manufacturing techniques available to us today, the sheets can be delivered ready to be displayed at the customer’s headquarters as soon as possible in a wide range of colors and different surface conditions. Image subjects, color variations and inscriptions with many varied or overlaid colors can be transposed with high-resolution digital prints onto foils, translucent or drilled sheets.

Canvas, diffusion foil, PVC canvas, quality sheets for glass, wood or masonry.

5C color printing for representations that can not be fabricated by strict color separation in plotting technique.

Digital prints

Image subjects, color variations and inscriptions with many different colors or overlays can be transposed with high-resolution digital prints on translucent, or drilled sheets.

We use digital prints on various materials, such as photo paper, soil foil, banner material, and the most varied stickers. Digital prints are also used, among other things, for signaling and orientation systems for exterior and interior areas.

Canvas, diffusion foil, PVC canvas.

4C color printing for representations that can not be fabricated by strict color separation in plotting technique.